Western atrium, Humboldt University Berlin

We developed large-volume object luminaires for Berlin’s Humboldt University based on designs by the Rüthnick architectural firm. The special room conditions of the western atrium located in the main building Unter den Linden with marble floor and a large glass roof required special attention to the acoustics. The special luminaires, consisting of two 80 cm high elements in the form of half-rings, together form a ring with a diameter of around four meters. To make the luminaire acoustically active, the side surfaces were made of micro-perforated tension foil, through which the sound is refracted and conducted into the object. This is supported by insulating material, which was arranged inside the luminaire alternating with the vertically arranged fluorescent tubes.

Time period2010 until 2011ServicesArtificial lighting design, development of special lighting

Lichtplanung Kulturbauten, Humboldt Universität Berlin
Lichtplanung Kulturbauten, HU-Berlin