We are a team of lighting designers, product designers and architects. As an independently working lighting design office operating throughout Germany, we realize projects in the field of artificial lighting design, daylight design and develop solutions for special lighting. We create lighting concepts for museums, administrative buildings, schools, hotels, sacred buildings, sales rooms and outdoor areas, among others. For more than fifteen years we have been working as a lighting design office and year after year we realize projects from all fields of architectural lighting design. Our field of activity covers all service phases from the basic evaluation to the construction supervision and quality assurance.

Mami Ohashi, lighting designer

Thorsten Kußmack, Project Management, Associate

Gregor Sgonina, CEO, Project Management



In the first step, we advise on the service requirements and clarify the specific challenges. In this context, it is not only necessary to record the normative requirements, such as illuminance levels and luminance levels, but also to take into account the biological effects of light.


In the creative planning process, we are first concerned with the question of the lighting effect. Our aim is to capture the special features of the project and to highlight them through an innovative planning approach.


In the design we condense the conceptual approach, develop lighting details and create product proposals. As an independent lighting design office, we are neither bound to specific products nor obligated to individual manufacturers.


Good lighting is always the result of accurate and detailed planning. We use 3D models and lighting calculations to simulate our designs, which we check in test setups and mockups before releasing them for execution.



We develop ideas and concepts that meet both the technical, normative and aesthetic requirements of a lighting installation. The focus of our planning is on the interaction of light with architecture, always keeping people and their needs in the foreground. Together with the project team, we analyze possible solutions and discuss alternative concepts. The result is a lighting concept that guarantees the best usability while taking all requirements into account. The goal of our planning is a holistic solution that takes into account all aspects of modern lighting design and also meets the criteria of sustainability.


The sufficient supply of daylight to the interior contributes decisively to the well-being and thus performance and health of people. Daylight planning for interiors is also becoming increasingly important from the point of view of sustainability. The criteria of daylight autonomy and direct solar radiation form the basis for the LEED certification of buildings.

With the help of computer-aided simulations, we create daylight analyses in which we can check the parameters of the project and then make suggestions for improving the structure of the building.


Where the appropriate luminaire is not available for a project, we develop project-specific solutions that are optimally tailored to the respective requirements. In some cases, only minor adjustments are necessary to transform a standard luminaire into an optimal lighting tool. When developing special solutions, we place as much emphasis on the effect of the light as on the design of the luminaire. We accompany you from the initial idea through the creation of the specifications to the production readiness of the luminaire. Our many years of experience as lighting planners and product designers enable us to plan independently and implement designs in a cost-oriented and high-quality manner.