Rathaus Kulmbach

As part of the renovation of the Kulmbach town hall, the stairwell was also to receive sophisticated lighting. The challenge was to combine the historic with the modern and to welcome visitors with a special light installation as soon as they entered the building. Based on an idea by architect Stephan Häublein, Konzeptlicht designed, produced and installed light objects made of stainless steel and acrylic tubing, which are lined up vertically as if on a string of pearls. Three strands of four to five LED luminaires each run from floor to ceiling through the stair eye, offering the viewer an individual image from each landing. The cylindrical special luminaires have a length of 600 or 1500 millimeters and are operated with 24V low voltage. The control gear is housed in the ceiling canopy and can thus be maintained independently of the lighting installation.

Time period02/2012 until 09/2012ContractorStadt KulmbachArchitectH2M ArchitektenServicesLighting design, luminaire development

Lichtplanung Treppenauge
In addition to the lighting for the staircase of the town hall, the lighting design for the clinic and the savings bank in Kulmbach Kronbach was also realized in Kulmbach.