Sparkasse Kulmbach – Kronach

A special challenge in this project was the development of a project-related light object. The client and the architects specified the creation of an identity-creating object that, on the one hand, would enable optimal lighting of the workplaces in the counter hall in accordance with the standards and, on the other hand, would ensure visual reference to the upper floors of the building. At the same time, optimal use of daylight should be possible and the perception of the construction of the glass roof should not be disturbed.

Time period10/2012 until 12/2014ServicesArtificial and daylight design, development of special luminaires

Our solution was a modern, ring-shaped chandelier. The twelve light panels arranged in a star shape were made of a special acrylic glass that has a high transmittance and optimal light diffusion. These were supplemented by directional spotlights arranged on the carrier ring. This made it possible to meet all lighting requirements despite the small size and at the same time create a filigree object that does not cause any shading in the main hall. In the connecting corridor to the outside, large-area luminous ceilings up to 20 meters long were used; these replace the diffuse daylight missing in these areas. The visual reference to the outside or to the main hall also creates the impression of a room flooded with daylight.

For all offices and consulting rooms as well as the main hall, we designed a daylight control system that was integrated into the building control system via a Dali protocol.The lighting control is carried out via daylight sensors that are linked to an astronomical clock.