Museum Himmlisches Theater, Neuzelle Abbey

The Neuzell depictions of the Passion from the Holy Sepulchre belong to the most important works of art of the Neuzelle Monastery. For the rooms of the accompanying exhibition, we developed a lighting concept in close coordination with the monument preservation authorities that was tailored to the historical character.

The indirect lighting on the column capitals forms the basic lighting, while the wall spotlights illuminate the vaults and accentuate the space. The lighting of the museum area is focused on the Passion depictions and their plastic staging. For this we designed a special lighting. This was completely integrated into the supporting structure of the stage set and thus recedes into the background for the visitor.

Time period11/2010 until 04/2015ContractorBrandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und BauenArchitectTecton GmbHServicesArtificial lighting design, special lighting, lighting control

Award winner in the category Museum

Brandenburg Building Culture Award 2017

Special price

Our tasks in this project mainly included the planning of general lighting and museum lighting. The design and development of the execution details. Development of the special design for the wall lights.

Design and implementation planning for the special lighting of the exhibits.