Weekend Berlin, 12 Floor

As part of the redesign of the 12th floor at Berlin’s Club Weekend, Konzeptlicht was entrusted with the conception of the lighting design at the beginning of 2007 and also took on the execution and programming. The idea was to develop a room-wide concept and extend the dance floor to the entire club with the help of lighting effects coordinated with the music. For this purpose, the six columns on the window side were each equipped with eight RGB LED strips. All 48 strips can be controlled individually via the ecue programmer and can produce dynamic light sequences, e.g. “Sound to Light” effects that pulsate and change colors in time with the music.

Time period11/2006 bis 01/2007ContractorBullet Event GmbHServicesLichtdesign, Steuerungskonzept, Sonderleuchten

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