Old malt house in Berlin Lichtenrade

The Alte Mälzerei in Lichtenrade houses cultural and educational facilities on approx. 3,100 m2 that are used by the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. We developed a consistent lighting concept that translates the needs of the users into a lighting concept that is both creative and technically sophisticated. The lighting blends in with the existing architecture and focuses on the newly created areas of use in the building.

Time period05/2019 until 04/2021ClientBezirksamt Berlin Tempelhof/SchönebergArchitectff-architektenServicesArtificial lighting design, luminaire development, lighting control

Award winner in the education category

Lichtplanung, Bildung
Lichtplanung Bibliothek

The Edith Stein Library is located on the first floor and second floor. As a new central object, the architects designed a bright yellow steel structure. This installation with elevator, platform stairs as well as an intermediate platform with reading area connects both floors and also extends the library’s area of use. The linear profile luminaires arranged above the airspace allow the structure to shine brightly as a clearly recognizable new architectural element. The suspended profile luminaires follow the arrangement of the steel beams at regular intervals and blend harmoniously into the given structure of the building. This provides a clear division of the space and optimal illumination of the shelves as well as the reading areas arranged around the gallery on the upper floor. To facilitate orientation in the premises, round suspended surface luminaires mark the café as well as the children’s area, each supplemented by cylindrical pendant luminaires.